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Live at FTG Warehouse

Where My Heart Is

Lo-Tide's latest release, "Where My Heart Is," tells the story of the duo moving off to college and leaving their close ones behind in San Diego. Although rooted in themes of reflection and loneliness, the song presents itself in a cheerful and emotional manner through the use of a major key and a powerful, synthesizer-dominated outro. The core of the band's sound still remains at the forefront of the song through with the presence of moving violin lines and an acoustic guitar foundation that support the lead and harmony vocals. 


Our finest work yet, 'Where My Heart Is,' displays the evolution of our sound and the exciting art that awaits our fans.

"Where My Heart Is" Music Video

Full Band Performances

"Gary's Song"
live from San Diego county fair

Live from Breaking Sound LA

Acoustic Performances

"Gary's Song"
Live From  Nashville

Live from Breaking Sound LA

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